AI Note

This AI assistant is like a considerate maid-style companion, accompanying you and providing comprehensive optimization services for your notes. It can intelligently summarize your note content, accurately mark the key points, and then organize and provide professional advice, making your learning and work more efficient. With it, your notes will become clearer and more organized, making knowledge clear at a glance.

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New Feature

AI Note, your smart note-taking assistant

Intelligent Organization

Maid-style companion
Provide intimate companionship and service, so that you can feel meticulous care.
Intelligent note organization
Automatically organize and classify your notes, making your knowledge management more efficient.
Key summary
Quickly generate the key points and summaries of notes, so that you can grasp knowledge more quickly.
Personalized growth
Provide personalized learning advice and plans according to your learning habits and needs.

Frequently asked questions

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How does the AI note assistant summarize the content of notes?
It uses natural language processing techniques to analyze the text structure and key information in the notes, and then generates concise and clear summaries.
How to ensure the accuracy of the key points marked by the AI note assistant?
The AI note assistant uses machine learning algorithms and a large amount of data training to identify the characteristics of common key content. At the same time, it will continuously optimize the accuracy of key point division based on user feedback.
How does the Google Gemini model work in AI Note?
The Google Gemini model is a Transformer-based deep learning model that can efficiently understand and process text, providing AI Note with powerful natural language processing capabilities.
Does it support multiple types of notes, such as handwritten notes, documents, pictures, etc.?
This depends on the specific product features. Some AI note assistants may only support specific types of notes, while others may support multiple formats of input.
How about the security of the AI note assistant?
Developers usually take measures to ensure the security and privacy of user data, such as data encryption, user authentication, etc. Specific security measures can be checked on the product description or official website.
How to interact with the AI note assistant?
You can usually communicate with the AI note assistant through the application, web interface, or other specified interaction methods. The specific method will be described in the product usage guide.


Plans that scale with your business

AI Note Assistant, simple and powerful, flexible pricing, make your work more efficient.

Basic Edition

Quickly experience basic functions to meet personal needs


  • Fast and accurate note organization service
  • Automatically identify and classify notes
  • Intelligent search and retrieval
  • Basic data security and privacy protection
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Professional Edition

Most popular

Suitable for small teams, meet the needs of rapid growth


  • All basic edition features
  • Advanced note organization and editing tools
  • Custom label and classification system
  • Multi-person collaboration and sharing functions
  • Priority customer support
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Enterprise Edition

Suitable for large enterprises, providing exclusive support and services


  • All professional edition features
  • Customized note management solutions
  • Custom label and classification system
  • Exclusive customer manager and technical support
  • Priority customer support
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